Thursday, August 4, 2011

Run #19: So THATS a recovery pace....

So I admit, I'm a stubborn jerk and my need to push to 100% on every run has led to Mihkel getting the beginning signs of shin splints and my Achilles pain coming back. (But on a different note, I did buy Mihkel the Runner's World Complete Book of Running, so it isn't my fault he didn't know about recovery runs and the recommended pace of MP + 60s.) But today I managed to reel in my insecurities and we got in a recovery run.

For some reason I have this innate fear that if I don't always go to the max of my effort I'll immediately lose all fitness and base mileage and I'll instantly gain about 85 lbs.

Ridiculous, I know. And recovery is completely necessary to allow your body to adapt to the changes and efforts that you put it through. Plus, I'm not training to run a fast 5K....I'm training to run 26.2 miles and be smiling at the end.

Today was a perfect recovery. I'm going to ice and rest for a couple days and be ready for a solid effort on Saturday's long run. Next week is a cut back week so I'm looking forward to a few easy miles before we get back to pushing....but pushing smarter.....

Anyone else have trouble slowing down when you know you need to?

Happy Running,


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