Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Run #24: Public Transportation Rocks; Final arrangements for Savannah

90% of our runs are out-and-back routes. It is the most convenient and doesn't require us to stage cars at different locations. This week we decided to switch it up a bit.

We have the good fortune to live at the north end of the MARTA route (Atlanta's rail transit system). Turns out, the Peachtree MARTA station is 7.09 miles from our doorstep. Perfect! I went online and added a fare to each of our Breeze passes Friday night. Saturday morning it was cool and gorgeous out.

Here is our route:

Coming through the neighborhoods when you pass into the city limits there were a couple BRUTAL hills. Some civil engineer had a great time planning a road up the steepest possible path. Once we got to about 6.2 we swung into the BP and grabbed a water and Gatorade for the train ride home. Then had an easy .8 to the train station.

I had some mild chafing issues that I'm hoping these new shorts I got will alleviate. Apparently I sweat way more than the makers of Body Glide ever imagined someone would and I sweat off all the BG I apply by about mile 4.

This upcoming weekend we have a 12 miler so we are running from the house to the Art Center Train station. Very excited!!

We also finally got around to making our condo reservations for the marathon. We've decided to stay on Tybee and just hope and pray for a shuttle route that makes it easy to get to the start line. Our rationale being: We really want to have some calm the night before. I tend to get a little bit neurotic and get obsessively organized around major events. By avoiding the hyped-up atmosphere around the race course, I might be able to mellow and focus. The night after the event I would really like to put my legs in some freezing ocean water and then have a bottle glass bottle of wine. Additionally, $89 a night is pretty choice for a place where we can cook our own dinner and breakfast. Very excited about plans coming together.

Overall our runs have been positive and fun. Both of our bodies are holding up well. Every week it seems we see more and more runners out. That's right! It's almost marathon season!!

Any thoughts on traveling for races? Suggestions? Anyone else staying on Tybee for Savannah?

Happy running y'all!!



Danielle said...

Running to the train station and then taking public transportation home is such a good idea!!!

I've been putting off making hotel reservations. I'm pretty sure the two places I was looking at are booked solid. How long of a drive is it from Tybee to the start?

Mihkel and Melissa said...

Just about everything I was looking at was booked solid. It was crazy!

It seems to be about 20-30 min drive from Tybee and I'm thinking there will be a shuttle option from somewhere around the bridge....I hope!!