Sunday, August 28, 2011

Run #32: 13 Miles through the city

Yesterday morning we managed to get out relatively early and start our run. We turned right out of the apartment and ran pretty much along the MARTA rail line until we hit 13 miles. Here's an idea of the path we took:

It was a lot of fun to be able to run without worrying about a turn-around. The beginning of the run is through a lot of neighborhoods and then hits some pretty killer hills around mile 6. 
This part heads up to Peachtree Road and definitely present a bit of a challenge. Once we got to the top of the hill though, we swung into the BP and grabbed a bottle of water and took the a couple GUs. (Side note: Do NOT get the Vanilla Orange flavor Roctane GU. It was disgusting.) 

After getting to Peachtree we turned down Piedmont and ran to the park. Parts of this were pretty awesome since I got to get a good look at what our new neighborhood is like. (35 Days! Cant wait!!) 

Heres the Garmin info: 

Once we hit about 11 miles, Mihkel started to have a little bit of a tough time with it. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that this is his second longest run ever. It gets in his head a bit I think and he starts to doubt his ability to cover the distance. But that is why we run together. I had trouble with a few of the hills towards the beginning so I tucked behind Mihkel and kept his pace and we killed them. 

After this marathon, our running goals diverge a little bit. I know we will still run together since this has been one of the biggest parts of our relationship, especially in the beginning stages. For now, though, I am really enjoying taking on the challenge with my boyfriend and best friend. He helps a lot when I feel tired to have someone to pick me up. I like to try to do the same for Mihkel. 

Here is us at the MARTA station after the run:

Mihkel wasn't quite sure if he smelled worse, or if the floor stunk. 

Yeah, I got no qualms puttin my paws on the nasty floor. 
So that was our day. Overall a great day and a pretty stellar run. Now, I have a whiskey and lemonade calling my name. 

Good runs, y'all!!



RunDrummerRun said...

My wife and I are running the RnR-Savannah as well. It'll be our first HM so I'm pretty excited and it's in my hometown. The best runs are the one's that we do together. Running alone is tough. Good luck on training and I enjoy the blog!

Mihkel and Melissa said...

That's fantastic! We ran Mihkel's first half together last spring at the Georgia Half. It was nice to run here in Atlanta since it's my hometown as well.

Look forward to seeing y'all at Savannah and best of luck with your training!