Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Run #21: Multi-tasking

Tonight we got in a quick and easy 3 miles. I needed to pick up a Rx from the Target Pharmacy but the traffic between our house and Target gets obnoxious in the evenings. So......MULTI-TASKING RUN!!

Turns out it is almost exactly 1.5 miles to Target from our house. There are two MAJOR hills on this path but we ran then both without slowing down or stopping. It felt great. Mihkel has a little bit of shin pain so he's going to ice it (or eat the Otter Pops he's supposed to be icing with...but it all works out). Other than that, it was a good start to the cutback week.

We got home and I made this for dinner. Fan-freaking-tastic. Now for some Always Sunny in Philadelphia and puttin' the feet up.

Happy running y'all.

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