Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Run #28 and Run #30: Double loops and busy times!

Hey hey everyone,
Mihkel here with an update after a while. Sorry for the delay, but Mel and I have barely had time to get our runs in, let alone blog about it.
But... we have an adorable new apartment! We have been wanting to move into town and finally found a great location and place. Hard wood floors, screened in porch, tons of character, and a walkability score of 88 to boot!
Only 38 more days till we get to move in.

Anyway, back to the runs.
Last saturday we had grand plans to run 12 miles, continuing out "we love public transportation" bit and just adding another train stop to the milage. But then we had the cute apartment to go see at 12! so we just did a 6 mile loop from the doorstep instead. It was fun, but long. Repeating loops can be rough. But we made great time and enjoyed our saturday morning together as always.
Here's the data:

Our regular tuesday run was replaced by lease signing, but we rocked our 6 today. We felt good hitting 5 miles/hour again and just did the previous weekends loop backwards. Let me tell you, left ways is the right ways! It was quick and fast. We were tired at the end, but glad we put in the effort.
And one more time, data:

Looking forward to this weekends 13 miles. I'm almost back to running further than I have ever run before and am excited.
See you all on the roads!

Ps. look for upcoming gear reviews: Mel finally found the shorts of her dreams, and I haven't been this excited about a fanny pack since 1991!

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Danielle said...

Way to kick booty on the 12 miler!

I haven't found a hotel yet for the marathon. I should probably stop putting it off... I think the options are only going to get more and more limited... any suggestions?