Monday, July 11, 2011

The Agony and the Ecstasy: Hot Yoga

Okay, okay....I'm being a bit of a drama queen.

If you live in metro Atlanta, GO HERE!!
I hadn't been to a hot yoga class in a few weeks so I decided to take advantage tonight and go to my fave hot class down in Lindburgh/Buckhead area at Red Hot Yoga taught by Bethany.

The studio recently ran a Groupon special. I think this is fantastic since everyone and their mother should do yoga. It is relaxing, inspiring, challenging, and an amazing workout. One downside of the Groupon, however is that the classes have a huge influx of people for a few weeks. This isn't a problem for focus, since once the Pranayama breathing starts I am in my own world for the next 90+ mins. But, since this is Hot Yoga and people give off body heat the room was insanely warm tonight.

Getting into and holding each of the 26 poses  was bruuutalllll. But The thing about yoga is: you can't distract yourself in any way from your practice. You are forced to be silent and to think about the way your body feels in the pose and still manage to push through it. This is so similar to distance running. You can't escape the doubts and fears in your brain. You have to accept and even embrace. It makes us stronger. And, in the example of Hot Yoga, sweatier.

Anyone else cross-training with yoga?

Namaste, y'all...

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Deborah said...

Everyone and their mother huh? Does that mean me too? ;o)