Friday, July 15, 2011

Run #7: Becoming a Morning Runner

Last night we were supposed to run 3 miles. That turned into both of us making a foray into morning running with a 2 miler this morning instead.

Last night Mihkel's brother came over to help with an errand. After that was done I decided to make cookies (these were delicious, by the way..and low-fat!). And then I remembered that I had a bottle of Proseco chilling in the wine fridge that was waiting for me. So, all these things combined convinced us to blow off our evening run and plan to run in the morning.

Mihkel was a little skeptical, but we still managed to fall into our running shoes by 5:45 to get out the door. We decided to take the hilly route again since the park was closed we love a challenge. Heres what our splits looked like:
Ignore the last two weird things....I was tired and it was early.

How can you say no?
Overall, not too bad. We took Uschi so a little of that time was waiting for her to answer nature's call and also to divert to run through all the tall grass she could. We surmised the morning dew works like undercarriage cleaner on her.

So, we learned a few things from our morning run. 1) We are both way too awake after and have no idea what to do with ourselves til it's time to go to work. 2) It makes you feel like a badass. 3) The weather is amazing. 4) The delicious and fiber-laden meal you had the night before will sneak up on you before you know what's happened. (This was also delicious.)

Tomorrow is our second long run of 7 miles so look for Mihkel's update on that. He's a bit skeptical on the morning running thing, but I'm dedicated to convincing him that it is a good idea. Or at least it will be once we get the logistics worked out.

Happy running to you all!

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Danielle said...

Your morning dew and undercarriage cleaning comment made me laugh =) (she's an adorable little doggy!)

Good for you guys for getting out there and getting those 2 miles taken care of. And good luck with your 7 tomorrow- looking forward to reading Mihkel's update!