Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last Run Before Peachtree

Gravel Path around Cochrane Shoals and along the 'Hooch
So Mihkel and I went out this morning to knock out a quick 4-miler. We got a bit distracted by 11 Alive's Peachtree coverage so we didn't get to the river til 9ish. Cochrane Shoals is definitely one of our favorite places to run. It is a nice, wide, flat and mostly shaded gravel trail. The short half of the loop is about 2mi so we decided on two loops to get us close to 4mi.

 The first 1.75 was comfortable and easy. And then we got into the sun. Excellent reminder of how insanely hot Georgia summers can be and how I really need to wear sunscreen more often. It got a little tough for a bit, but when the 3mi marker hit, we were back in the shade and things got pretty nice to coast through our last mile. 
Cattails growing by the 'Hooch

This is our last run before Peachtree on Monday. It felt a little reassuring to know that we can survive in the heat and that our marathon is in the fall. It's also nice to know that we are hitting the road again and that training is almost officially underway.

 Our time for the run was 48:32. Our goal time is about 12:00mi so I think we are on our way to acclimate and get the running dust shaken off. For Peachtree we aren't planning on a time goal for the simple fact that there are 60,000 people on the course and I don't want to lose my mind trying to keep us on our pace. Plus, its a 6mi party. We want to have fun.


Melissa and Mihkel


Anonymous said...

I definitely realized how brutal the heat can be on a run, not timed well. I typically head out no later than 9ish if I'm running outdoors.. Last weekend, the time got away from me and I didn't hit the pavement until close to 11. In the shade of my porch I thought "this isn't THAT bad.. maybe it's a cooler day today..". Wrong! It was the most brutal 3 miles I've run in, maybe, forever. By 1.5 in, I started feeling nauseous and lightheaded.. Regardless of typically being pretty well hydrated. My rule is now - No outdoor runs between 9 AM and 9 PM in the summers of Augusta!

Melissa said...

Valid points!! Once we've run for more than a few minutes the heat gets so much more oppressive. I'm highly averse to traedmills, so timing is everything!