Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Run #5, Accidental Hillwork: 356 feet in 3 miles.

It's the start of week 2. 1 week down, 17 to go til we pound the pavement for 26 miles.

When looking at a week, I have quickly learned to compartmentalize things into short runs and long runs. I have to say one of our favorite topics of conversation on runs is future runs and planning.

This week we have 3 short runs, all 3 miles, and then our long run this weekend is 7.
Of course we want to challenge ourselves as we train to improve speed, endurance, mental fatigue, etc. So we usually choose one short run to change it up a bit, by doing speed work, hill work, fartlek (I know, I was confused at first as well), or a hard cross training. But after a hard week shaking off the dust, we wanted to come into the week slow and then do a speed work tomorrow, then go slow before our long run.

And what did we do today? Had an accidental hill work.
Know your topography!Hill work is the strength training of running. Greater intensity, more muscle work, and a change up in footfall. Its a great work out, but a challenge. But we are all in this for just that right? A challenge? If it were easy, then way more then 0.1% of the world would run marathons...

But as my favorite running partner says "What hurts on this run, will be easier the next time you do it" Even if her quads hate me right now...

I had a blast on those hills. It may have been slow, but it was a blast and felt so good at the end.

See you all on the roads!


Danielle said...

Who said, "hills are speed work in disguise"?

Great job tackling those hills!

Krystle said...

Way to go, guys! I'm actually a little jealous. It's difficult to find hills in central Phoenix and they definitely make you a stronger runner. Did either of you have a HR monitor on? That's always a fun stat to look at... "and here, you can see I was 10bpm OVER my max..."

Mihkel and Melissa said...

Aw, Krystle, you can come borrow our hills any time! And no. Mihkel has one, but h doesnt use it that often. I might have to get him to so I have more fun numbers to crunch!

Danielle, thanks!! It was hard but fun