Monday, July 4, 2011

Run #1: Peachtree Road Race

So today was the FIRST of our 72 runs. Only 71 more to go!

We decided that we would start our training with an event: The Peachtree Roadrace.
The Peachtree is the largest 10k in the world and is run every 4th of July here in Atlanta. This year they made it a lottery for the first time ever, and only allowed sixty thousand people to run it. We signed up as a team and both got in.

It was a blast. Not so much a race, but it was still a 6 mile run, and we both had a lot of fun on the course.
The truth is, sixty thousand people is a lot.
But the race was spectacularly organized. We got our bib numbers in no time, we found our corral in no time, we started the race right on time, water stations were abundant (even if we missed one and paid for it), and the finishing chute was fabulous.

One thing I learned, or re-learned, was communication. While running with a partner in a road race, you dont always have a 5 foot wide lane to run side by side in. We found ourselves communicating fabulously (run single file, split to go around a group, slow up, move left, move right. etc). It felt a bit bossy, but it was either that, or get frustrated with sixty thousand people running with you. Ah, the importance of having a great running partner.

It was a great way to celebrate dating for a year (love you!) and start off on this journey together. Marathon training is supposed to start next weekend with a 6 mile long run, but we decided to start a week early and double up on the 6's.

We had a great time. I highly suggest anyone and everyone to: 1. run an organized race 2. do a big one.
Our finishing time was 1:23

Here are a few of the highlights:

The flag at the start. Happy 4th of July, everyone.
Local radio plays YMCA on the speakers...Everyone joins in.
Best running partners ever (around mile 3).
Yup....the local churches blessed their misters.
So glad for the bright pink top...would have lost her at the water stops
The crowd at the end.
With some crazy guy at the entrance to Piedmont Park.
Mel and myself after the chute. 

Our favorite part of the whole thing?
Our free waffle and 2for1 hash brown coupons for the Waffle House!
Thanks race sponsors!


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