Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Run #2: 3 miles of Speed Work and Brain Training

So today turned out to be a speed workout. I always have had trouble with being fast on my runs. I feel like I could run slow for hours, but really wish I had the stamina and muscle make-up to run much faster on shorter distances.

I think part of my issue comes from not enjoying the feeling of being uncomfortable. I hate being short of breath. I hate the weak and fuzzy feeling that comes over me when I have to dig deep for speed. But I also love hating it.

That sounds ridiculous, I know. But the pain and effort in the moment is so worth it after you're done. It makes you feel stronger both physically and mentally. I think one of the biggest parts of this training cycle will be the mental toughness necessary to violently beat-down all of the "this is ridiculous" and "I've lost my kneecap" thoughts that will inevitably pop-up over the course of training and the marathon.

So today we did a 3-mile loop with our regular 4min run and 1min walk intervals. This time though we did 2 mins at our regular pace and 2 mins of a bit of a faster pace. It was definitely tough and we were both exhausted at the end. Exhausted but a litter stronger and a tiny bit tougher. 

Check out the Garmin stats:

Split times for each mile. And yes, 11min/miles are fast for me.....

Here's the map. The peaks are runs and valleys are walks. The run goes right by the river. 
Any suggestions on good speed workouts or how to beat down the brain trolls? 




mike Haseley said...

siiick! you guys are rockin it! im a sucker for running blogs, keep up the runs you 2! Mike

Melissa said...

Thanks yo! I'm addicted to writing them now. Keeps me honest in my training.