Saturday, July 16, 2011

Run #8: Long run; 7 miles, The stars allign

What a run!
We got up this morning to get our 3rd (tecnically 2nd) long run under out feet and it was marvelous.
Early morning, 66 degrees (in the summer, in atlanta!? unheard of!), lightly misting and cool on one of our favorite trails along the Chattahoochee River.

It seemed that the stars aligned for this run. We went quick, had no pain, and by the end, felt like we could have run another 2.
Why such positivity? Where did this beeming feeling come from? I feel it came from the little things and having finally shaken off the dust from our break after the half.

I have to give all the credit to Mel and her planning and motivation. I thank Prefontaine every day to have such an amazing running partner. I couldn't have asked for anyone more understanding, driven, and inspirational person to have running next to me.

New visors! Spy vs. Spy anyone?    

We have been having a great time learning from you all, reading other runners blogs, forums, etc. Today we took after a great post on Long May You Run. We ran the first 3/4 of our long run at a slightly slower pace than usual (12:30), and then would ramp it up for the last 1/4 at 12:00/mile.
It was great, and we both enjoyed every step of the way. (Thanks Danielle!)
I think the next step (ha ha! see what i did there?) is to figure out what our goal paces actually feel like, and not rely on what our Garmins say. Once we do that, we can hit those splits more consistently and faster.

See you all on the roads!


Danielle said...

Great run!!! And look at that last mile- 10:27! Awesome!

It's so hard not to be controlled by the Garmin, although it does come in handy when you get going too fast so you can slow down. Although who am I kidding... when do I ever go "too" fast? lol =)

Mama Flo Jo said...

I need a Garmin!!! Great job!! We had great weather here too!!! See ya in SAv!!!!