Sunday, July 24, 2011

Run #12: 5 mile cut back: Ouch

We had a cut back week, and we cut back just a smidge too much.

Mel was out of town for a conference (hence the run in Dallas), and I was here in Atlanta to do 2 runs solo. 
I had a great run on Monday, getting my 4 miler out of the way and coasting on my high from last Saturday. 
After that life just kind of took over and we both missed our other runs. But so it is, and this blog is also about accountability. 

One thing we have learned is that for summer training, the earlier the better. Less heat and less crowds. 
And the instant gratification of hitting that snooze does not make up for the heat later in the day.

It was a tough run, and both of us were hurting, but I am glad we leaned out lesson on a cut back week vs. a week where we are going to be running 20+ miles. 

We still met our times and pushed hard, but I haven't felt that worked through after a run since the half. 
But I am looking forward to this weeks runs. I found a great new little out and back from my doorstep that feels new and fresh and can't wait to get back on it. But we need to start finding new scenery for our long runs. 
Anyone have any suggestions for good websites for finding local runs? We have used Garmin and MapMyRun in the past. 

See you all on the road! And don't hit that snooze button. 


Danielle said...

The snooze button is sooooo tempting!!

Check out - they have runs for every state in almost every distance.

Karen said...

I found your blog through RWOL... tried to post on an older post yesterday about your meeting Ryan Hall- how super cool!! I am about to start training for a half, so not quite as ambitious as you two, but still in for quite a boost in endurance in the next few weeks! Enjoying reading about your progress, and especially the struggles. Good to read that I'm not the only one who has them!

Melissa said...

Danielle- Def looking that up tonight. I want something fun for this weekend's 9-miler

Karen- Thanks for reading!! I'm a fan of RWOL and the forums there offer so much good advice. And yeah, I loved meeting Ryan Hall! What half are you doing? And any distance event is ambitious!! Best of luck with it!