Saturday, July 2, 2011

Peachtree Health and Fitness Expo

Volunteers at the Expo

After our morning run we went down to America's Mart to hit up the Peachtree Road Race Health and Fitness Expo and pick up our race packets.

The place was packed but there were so many volunteers with outstanding organization that we had our packets and were in the fitness retail maze within 10mins of walking in the doors. Color me impressed so far, race organizers. 

Here's a few highlights from the Expo:

Rock n' Roll Savannah was there....We'll see you soon, Forsyth Park!!!
Ryan Hall (current American half-marathon record holder and Olympic marathoner in Beijing) was at the Asics booth. I was amped.

I love the pink plaid on the SPIBELT. Can't wait to use it.
I also picked up some running gear I had wanted/needed. A SPIBelt and a new visor so I don't get burned and can quit squinting for half of our runs.

And..most importantly....we got our race numbers. Since we didn't enter previous race times, we got randomly placed into waves. Mihkel was unfortunately stuck in X corral so we will both be running from that one. I have to admit, I was cranky at first since we will likely be stuck behind walkers for a while. But, like I said in our last post, we are looking at this one like a need to get irritated. It is the world's largest 10k, after all.
Mihkel's number is the prettier one...

Excited to pin these on and RUN!


Melissa and Mihkel

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