Saturday, July 9, 2011

Run #4, Long run: 6 miles

I know I know, commitment.
But this morning, at 7am, I was staring at the ceiling, I couldnt help but think of a shirt I saw on the trails a few days ago...
Right? I love this t-shirt.

We had a blast this morning on our second 6 miler. We ran by the river (a favorite) and did a little out and back along the park and then onto a road used by the local bikers to do laps. Sure, we went a little faster than we wanted (by 10 seconds), and felt it by the end of the run, but we know we can do it.
I'm finding that the hardest part of getting into training is the mental game, not so much the muscle strain and energy requirement.

Part of this process is reminders, remmbering little things you learned the last time, whether its the last run, or last time you trained for anything.
Switching up location is huge. I'm a huge proponent of changing the scenery. It makes miles feel shorter, gives plenty of conversation topics, and shows you more of your own town.
So sure, before a run you wont feel up to it, but you will never regret a run!
So get out there campers, pound that pavement.
See you on the trails,

Right! Stats:
 Totally unrelated: ALWAYS charge your garmin!


Danielle said...

Hi! Nice to meet some fellow first time marathoners for Savannah! I followed Hal Higdon's plan for my first half and it went great!

I'm completely stoked for a nice, flat course in Savannah =)

Mihkel and Melissa said...

Agreed! It'll be a nice break from training in Atlanta. plus the scenery if amazing down there and I have no problems with having a mess of seafood as celebratory dinner ;).